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Do you have X-factor? - Women only! Are you a babe‚ are you getting there‚ or should you be working on it?

Do you have X-factor? - Women only! Are you a babe‚ are you getting there‚ or should you be working on it?

1. When you talk to someone whom you care deeply‚ do you look straight into their eyes?

a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. He may get the wrong idea

2. Do you wear perfume?

a. All the time
b. Special occasions only
c. Never

3. If your boyfriend could not make it for your date because he is ill‚ would you:

a. Sympathize and offer to go and sit with him?
b. Go out with someone else
c. Become suspicious

4. Do you think that love is for the young only and that women above 50 years old are too old to fall in love?

a. Of course not
b. Yes
c. A women should be happily married by that age

5. If you fall in love‚ would you:

a. Tell him so straight away?
b. Wait for him to say "I love you" first
c. Be subtle until you are certain that the feeling is mutual

6. You are planning a quiet evening in front of the television‚ you are wearing only a bathrobe and your hair is in a mess. Your boyfriend rings and says that he will be coming over. Do you:

a. Tell him not to come?
b. Remain as you are and agree to his coming?
c. Put on something casual to look attractive‚ but naturally appealing?

7. Do you buy a new dress when you go out on a special date?

a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Never

8. If your boyfriend accidentally spilt wine on your new dress‚ would you:

a. Fly into rage
b. Pretend nothing happened but give him hell when you get home
c. Scold him jokingly but tell him not to worry and reassure him that it would not stain even if it would

9. Do you think love and sex comes together? You should not have one without the other?

a. Yes
b. No

10. If you wanted to go to the movies and your partner wants to go to a pub‚ would you:

a. Go to the pub?
b. Go to the theatre?
c. Go for a drink at the pub after the show

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